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Agriculture Inquiry Project

Inquiry Assignment
There are many different aspects to agriculture. Some we encounter on a daily basis
and others which are not as apparent. For This task you will investigate a specific topic
from a list provided and present that topic to the class. You will work in groups of three
to complete this task.
Guidelines and Requirements:
1. Select your groups, once you have formed your group come to me to select a topic.
2. Research – There will be specific criteria needed for when you present your topic to the
class. Ensure you have information on the following and include it in your presentation.
a. What is your topic about? Provide background information on your topic.
b. Why is your topic important?
c. What is some current issues or discussion surrounding your topic
d. How does your topic relate to creating a sustainable world? Is it making the world
more sustainable or is it hindering the effort to make the world more sustainable?
Is there solutions to this issue or what is this issue a result of?
e. Ensure that any and all information is cited. Any work without citations will
receive a zero.
3. Decide on a mode of presentation:
a. There are two options for presentation, either a PowerPoint presentation or a
electronic presentation, such as a video. Either one is acceptable, but a video
presentation may be more work.
4. You and your group will email me your final copy of either a PowerPoint or electronic
presentation by ____________________.
5. You will present your topic to the class. Note: You must be present on the day of your
group’s presentation. Should you miss your groups presentation you will receive a zero
on that aspect of the presentation.
List of topics:
GM food
Increase of World Food prices
Organic Food
Immigrant workers
Extensive Agriculture
Intensive Agriculture
Urban agriculture
Climate Change and Agriculture
Agriculture in undeveloped/developing countries
Apiculture (Bee Farming)
Food Deserts
Pesticides and Herbicides