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Agriculture 2

Agriculture 2
1) What is apiculture?
2) Name one product of apiculture.
3) Name one byproduct of apiculture.
4) Approximately how many bees are there in a hive or bee colony.
5) In a bee colony what type of bees have stings.
6) Male bees are called______
7) Give one example of a brassica.
8) Turnips are an example of a ____vegetable.
9) Give two examples of field crops.
Activity 2
1)Rosette is a disease which affects which field crop?
2) Define term pests.
3) List four effects of pests on crops .
4) Lists three factors that can be considered when selecting a site for
orchard fruits.
5)What is a parasite ?
6)Define a weed .
7)Give an example of a parasitic weed.
8)Trees that lose their leaves in winter are called _______ trees.
9)Tanning is produced by______ trees.
10)Before seedlings are transplanted to their permanent bed they have
to be hardened. Explain the term hardening.
Activity 3
1.What is planting in situ .
2.Meat that we get from sheep is called ____
3. Name any two byproducts of that we get from milk.
4.What type of poultry birds can be kept using the free range housing
5.A female rabbit is called a_____.
6.A male rabbit is called a ____.
7. A battery cage huting is housing system for ______.
8.Define kindling.
9. Mastitis is a disease that affects _____.
10. What are the symptoms of mastitis.