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Book Report Number the Stars

Book Report on “Number the Stars’’ by Lois Lowry
This is a book report on “Number the Stars” written by Lois
Lowry. It published in 1989. It is a fiction book. It is a story about a
girl named Annemarie who tries to save Ellen from the Nazis.
This story takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark. It starts when
Annemarie and Ellen met Nazi soldiers who wanted to ask why they are
running. Nazis are taking over Europe, terrorizing the people they
conquer. They are abducting Jewish people and murdering them or putting
into camps. Ellen and her family are Jewish. Annemarie and her family
want to help them escape Nazis.
Mr. and Mrs. Rosen, Ellen’s parents, helped by Peter. While
Ellen sent to Uncle Henrik’s house. The Johansens made a plan to save
the Rosens. It involves a fake funeral and Uncle Henrik’s “fishing
trips”. Then, Annemarie bravely took a secret package to Uncle Henrik.
She encounted Nazi soldiers who taunt her and threaten. She was able to
get past and the very important package safely to the boat. Finally,
Annemarie took out the long hidden Star of David necklace that had
belonged. Annemarie fondly remembered and missed, but was happy that
she and her family were able to safely escape to Sweden, away from the
threat of the Nazis.
The theme of the stories are the following: It is hard to be brave
and strong. It’s also talking about wars. That all wars end no one really
wins in a war. I would recommend that book for children to read or for
someone to read to them. Because it teaches us to be brave. My favorite
part of the story is when Annemarie hid the necklace because it shows
cares her friend.