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HCT407 Data Communications and Networking Assignments

HCT407 Data Communications and Networking Assignments
Assignment One – Due Date: 19 October 2019
1. What is a software defined network, its components and how does it work? [25]
2. Discuss the uses and potential gains from network function virtualization. [25]
Assignment Two – Due Date: 7 November 2019
1. UZ, MSU and NUST want their LANs to be able to communicate with each other. UZ
has 3 vlans, MSU has 3 vlans and NUST has 4 vlans. Using packet tracer, design a
network that allows all machines within the 3 universities’ vlans to ping each other.
Make sure to clearly label the IP addresses and names of your routers, switches and
PCs. Each vlan should have a PC that can ping any other PC in the network. [50]
Tests Dates
Test 1 – 15 October (Theory)
Test 2 – 1 November (Practical)