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Cover Letter N

Imanol Chavez Gongora
Lago Zurich 243 T Lux 5E, CDMX 11529 · +(52) 553 666 2989 · imanolchavez@gmail.com
July 16, 2019
To whom it may concern,
I’m writing to you because I’m interested in applying for your open Originator position as posted
on LinkedIn.com. I have a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Texas-Pan
American, a Master of Public Policy from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico
(ITAM), and I have worked in the energy industry since I graduated, working supervising all
customs transactions between Mexico and the USA, and in the recent years, as a natural gas
trader, importing about 3bcfs a day from the USA to Mexico. Before being a trader, I worked in
different areas such as back office, and pipeline scheduling, transporting gas from the main
natural gas pools and hubs, throughout the USA delivering it to the Mexican border.
I believe I will be an asset as to your team. While working in Mexico I enjoyed the challenge of
importing a significant volume of natural gas, corresponding to a 50% of the Mexican imports
and 30% of the domestic demand. This summer I had the opportunity to visit the Netherlands
and I was very surprised how the energy sector is successfully managed. Consequently, I did my
research and confirmed what I imagined regarding the importance of natural gas and electric
markets. For this reason, I am highly motivated to apply to a Job in the Netherlands, since I know
I have good professional skills that can be useful to your company, as well as my willingness to
contribute and learn from your country. I speak fluent English, Spanish and basic Italian and
Portuguese, and additionally I am currently learning Russian and Japanese, for which learning
Dutch in a short period of time, would not be a problem.
For the above-mentioned, I would really appreciate to be considered as a potential candidate.
I’ve attached my resume, so you can see more details on my experience. Feel free to email me
at imanolchavez@gmail.com or call me at any time, at +(52)1553-666-2989.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Best regards,
Imanol Chavez Gongora