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November Lesson Plan

PALS and PALees will grow in their relationships as they inquire, and think about, interest they may have.
Challenge of the month: __________Practice Saying “Thank You” to people during our day ________
Date: 11/9
Date: 11/15
Date: 11/21
Purpose/objective: The idea
behind this activity is in order to
have the PALee start envisioning
their futures and help them
reflect on the people in their lives
Purpose/objective: This activity
will challenge both the PAL and
PALee to be aware of the small
things in their lives that they are
thankful for.
Supplies Needed:
Printer paper
Color supplies
Supplies Needed:
Gratitude scavenger hunt
Purpose/objective: This is a
listening/memory game that will
allow for the PALees to get to
know one another and engage in
a group activity to help them get
out of their comfort zone.
Supplies Needed:
None (:
Activity Description:
They draw a Picasso self-portrait
of themselves in 10 years and
describe why it’s such.
Then draw how they can get
there which you will do by
drawing a mind map or sequence
of events with illustrations on the
steps to get to their goal,
allowing them to reflect on
Activity Description:
Kids will use the scavenger hunt
throughout the month, writing
things down, and come back and
discuss what they found for each
Supplies Needed:
Activity Description:
Activity Description:
”I Am Thankful For…”
PALee’s and Pals will stand in a
circle and, one-by-one state a
food that they eat at
Thanksgiving dinner
The thing is though, they must
remember the list of those who
went before them and state
those foods before their own
The game goes on until someone
can’t remember the list anymoreit continues in the circle.