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Biology Test Review
Test Break-down
20 Multiple Choice
3 Diagrams Label (no word bank)
12 Open Response
20 marks
20 marks
43 marks
Chapter 1
☺ I know all of the organelles in a cell and their functions
☺ I know what a stem cell is and the different types of stem cells
☺ I understand how cancer is caused, the different kinds of tumours and why
cancer is so detrimental
☺ I know what the cell cycle is
☺ I know the difference between cell division and interphase
☺ I know the different stages of mitosis and can identify them given a diagram
☺ I know the check-points for the cell cycle
Extra Study Questions: pg 52 #1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 11, 13-15, 17-20
Chapter 2
☺ I can explain the difference between cell differentiation and cell
☺ I know all of the different types of plant tissues
☺ I know what the meristem is and the plant hormones involved in growth
☺ I know the different parts of the leaf (cross section) and can explain why its
design is useful for photosynthesis
☺ I know the different types of roots
☺ I know the different organ systems of a plant
☺ I can explain how water moves through a plant
Extra Study Questions: pg 80 #1-13, 15
Chapter 3
☺ I know the types of tissues (pg 88-89)
☺ I know what a stem cell is and the different types of stem cells
☺ I can describe what an organ and organ system are
☺ I know the different types of medical imaging technologies
☺ I can label all diagrams of the digestive system, respiratory system and
circulatory system
☺ I know how the heart pumps blood around the body
☺ I know how gas exchange happens in the alveoli
☺ I know the three types of blood vessels in the body
Extra Study Questions: pg 122 #1-7 (not biophotonics), 8, 10, 13-17