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How to balance chemical equations

How to balance chemical equations.
A long time ago we learned about the Law of Conservation and Mass. That law states that (fill in)
This means that all of the materials present at the start of a reaction are also there and the completion
of the reaction. In other words the numbers of atoms or molecules in the reactants (left side of the
equation) must equal the numbers of atoms or molecules in the products (right side of the reaction).
Watch this Khan Academy video about balancing equations:
You may use headphones, or you can watch the video and read the subtitles.
Visit the following website: https://www.webqc.org/balance.php
Attempt to balance the equations then check your work by clicking on the link. Be sure to write your
work down so that you can hand it in. Please be honest and attempt to do these, then check your work.
That is where learning happens.
Then you should attempt to do the problems that are attached. This document is uploaded to Schoology
so you can simply click on the links.