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biodiversity quiz

1 What is biodiversity?
A) The animals that live only in rain forests.
B) The animals and plants species that live only in your backyard.
C) The rich variety of live in every ecosystem on Earth.
2 What is interdependence between species?
A) When two species need each other to survive.
B) When two species don’t want to live near each other.
C) When young animals want to be more independent and live on their own.
3 Why do we need biodiversity?
A) It gives us food to eat, water to drink, air to breath, and much more.
B) It makes out world unique, and it makes us happy.
C) All of the above.
4 Where can you find biodiversity?
A) In a puddle.
B) In the desert.
C) All of the above.
5 What is an invasive species?
A) A species that protects its turf from others.
B) A species that migrates for one place to another.
C) A species that lands in a new place and upsets the natural balance.
6 Which group has the largest number of species?
A) Mammals
B) Arthropods
C) Plants
7 A whale is
A) A fish.
B) A mammal.
C) An amphibian.
8 What is the Endangered Species Act?
A) A law that keeps small animals from getting eaten by bigger animals.
B) A law that protects animals or plants that are in danger of going extinct.
C) A law that protects plants from getting crushed by animals.
9 Why is Madagascar a great place to study biodiversity?
A) Many of the plants and animals that live there can’t be found anywhere else in
the world.
B) It’s so close to many other places with a lot of biodiversity, so you can get to
them easily.
C) Many unusual birds fly to Madagascar from other places all year long.
10 What can you do to help save biodiversity?
A) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
B) Plant trees, clean local rivers and parks, and protect habitats.
C) All of the above.