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Bargaining power JSW

Average Gross Profit Margin of key players of industry has improved from 15.30% in 2016 to 22.54%
in 2018 i.e. an increase of 7.24%. While Gross Profit Margin of JSW Steel has improved from 10.86%
to 18.93% in the same period i.e. an increase of 8.07%. This indicates that gross profitability of JSW
Steel is below key competitors but relative improvement in gross profitability of JSW Steel is better
than its competitors. Increase in Gross Profit Margin also indicates improvement in bargaining
power of the company with its customer i.e. bargaining power with customer of JSW Steel is
improving relatively better than industry average.
Moreover, JSW’s capacity utilization has improved from 86% to 126% over the years which also
indicates our bargaining power with customers has improved. Capacity utilization tells us how
efficiently are we using our assets.
JSW’s debtor’s turnover ratio has deteriorated from 16.59 to 15.2 which signifies JSW’s bargaining
power with the customers has declined. The duration of receiving the receivables has increased.
On the other hand, JSW’s inventory turnover ratio has increased which suggests that the inventory is
getting used on a faster pace or more cycles can fit in a year. Thereby, increasing our bargaining
power with the customer.
Creditor IR has deteriorated from 27.67% in 2016 to 22.30% in 2018 which shows bargaining power
of company with its suppliers has deteriorated. Average Creditor IR of the industry has decreased
very marginally from 17.98% to 17.78% in the same period which is less than JSW Steel. This shows
that not only bargaining power with suppliers has deteriorated but it is also less than its
Looking at the Creditor Turnover Ratio of the company, it has increased from 3.61 in 2016 to 4.48 in
2018. This implies that the company was getting credit period of 101 days in 2016 from its suppliers.
While in 2018 they are getting credit period of only 81 days in 2018. This shows their bargaining
power with suppliers has reduced considerably. This has led to mismanagement of Operating Net
Working Capital.
Therefore, JSW’s barraging power has improved with the customers while bargaining power with the
suppliers has deteriorated over the period of last three years.