Name: _______________________________ USVA History Study Guide – Chapter 4.1 The Stirrings of Rebellion

Name: _______________________________
USVA History
Study Guide – Chapter 4.1
The Stirrings of Rebellion
1. The ________________________, passed in 1765, placed a direct tax on legal
documents and all printed goods in the colonies to raise revenue to pay off war debts.
2. Sam Adams organized in Boston the ___________________________________, a group
dedicated to preventing the enforcement of British taxes and policies.
3. The _______________________________ took place in 1770, and involved the shooting
of multiple anti-British demonstrators by British soldiers.
4. Of the various Townshend Acts, the most important one was the tax on ____________,
which led colonists to boycott the imports of the British East India Company.
5. The __________________________________ was staged by the colonial protesters, who
dressed as Indians and destroyed 18,000 pounds of tea in the Boston Harbor in 1773.
6. In response to the Boston Tea Party, Parliament attempted to punish the people of
Massachusetts by passing the _________________________.
7. In response to the passage of the “Intolerable” Acts, the __________________________
was called, to which all of the colonies except Georgia sent representatives, and was the
first time most of the colonies had acted together.
8. _______________________________ led colonial opposition to British policies in
Virginia by stating, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”
9. The First Continental Congress advised colonists to arm themselves and form militia
companies known as ______________________ in order to defend against British forces.
10. The first shots of the Revolution were fired when colonists and British soldiers fought a
brief skirmish at _____________________ and __________________ in Massachusetts.