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Transpiration Simulation

Transpiration Simulation
Access the simulation using the link below.
You will be testing the effects of different environmental factors on the transpiration rate of various
Please record your results in a separate table (the table in the simulation does not allow you to save
your results).
Answer the questions below using the results from your simulation.
There are more specific directions on the left hand side of the page if you need help!
1. Describe the process of transpiration in vascular plants.
2. Describe any experimental controls used in the Investigation.
3. What environmental factors that you tested increased the rate of transpiration?
Was the rate of transpiration increased for all plants tested?
4. Did any of the environmental factors (heat, light, or wind) increase the
transpiration rate more than the others? Why?
5. Which species of plants that you tested had the highest transpiration rates?
Why do you think different species of plants transpire at different rates?
6. Suppose you coated the leaves of a plant with petroleum jelly. How would
the plant's rate of transpiration be affected?
7. Why is it important to a plant that it has the ability to lose water through