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III.6 Christianity- Matthew, I Corinthians

Reading: III. Selection 6 Christianity: Matthew, I Corinthians (Beatitudes, Christian Love)
1. Thesis: In the selections from Matthew and Corinthians, there is a shared
message of charity and enduring the persecutions of others. These are the
essential virtues for living a happy life.
2. Terms:
A) Jesus Christ: He was chiefly recognized by the Christian world as the Messiah.
In Matthew chapter 5, he delivers the message of compassion.
B) Paul: Paul is a follower of Christ and known for his famous transformation from
being an infamous persecutor of all Christians to being a very active supporter
and follower of Christ.
C) Charity: Charity is described as patience, kindness and being without pride
2. Propositions
A) Jesus, in the selection from Matthew, makes the explicit proposition that
those who suffer persecution, and do so in the name of justice will be
B) Paul, in the selection from Corinthians, proclaims that we are nothing without
charity, for it is the greatest of all the virtues.
Argument for Proposition A: By suffering the unrighteous persecutions of others
for righteous reasons, it is deemed as a respectable act and for doing so, he who
suffers will be rewarded in heaven. For this act promotes righteousness and does so
in a very charitable way.
Argument for Proposition B: Among the many and great virtues, charity is claimed
to be the most essential, because it delights in the truth of things and is not done for
the good one’s self, but for the good of others.