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Introduction of a Sports Athlete-Chou tien cheng

1.He was born in Taipei, 1990.
2.He defeated Lin Dan in 2015.
3.He ranked 5th in Rio Olympic Games, 2016.
1. Get the main idea of the profile;
2. Predict content with the title and questions;
3. Learn the athletic spirits and reflect on
your own attitude towards life.
Goals, Guts, and Glory
His way to success
His qualities that lead him to the top
What was his dream when he was young?
He wanted to be an Olympic champion.
What common qualities do excellent
athletes have?
What challenge did Chou face
during his career?
A. Being too young
B. A major injury
C. Losing several times in a row
D. Not making the Olympic team
In the early stages of his career as a
professional athlete, Chou found himself
stuck in a losing streak. He’d lost 10
consecutive matches.
Is he a talented athlete or a hard-working one?
His attitude while training reflects that
he is certainly the hardest working
Where does his confidence come from?
A. Family support
B. His past successful experience
C. Preparation and hard work
What does his preparation require?
For Chou, this kind of preparation requires
self-discipline, a regular routine as well as
a balanced diet . But ultimately, it takes
daily concentration .
What does Chou want to encourage young
people to do?
The message is:
toward the
Fan Meeting
1. Fans prepare questions.
2. Chou Tien-Chen tries to answer.
Design a poster about Chou Tien-Chen or
your favorite super star.