An Introduction of Myself

An Introduction of Myself
Hi! My name is Yuki. I’m just a ordinary person.
I’m from Malaysia, but now I’m live in Tainan.
Because I’m study in Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and my
major is Hospitality Management.
I’m looks short and small, have a long straight hair that color is light brown.
My eyes is genetic mother’s eye, she say when I born that eyes looks like golden
fish’s eyes. I got a fair skin and a chubby face.
I love the Chinese Orchestra, that playing traditional music.
I’m a quite person and shy to talk to strange people, but after know well with a
person I will change to a noisy girl.
I like to hear JJ Lin’s and G.E.M.’s music. Their song will let people relax and that lyrics
get incentive.
I like to eat that foods I feel the taste is good. I love to eat the Taiwan food, ”Chou