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Copy of Chemistry Test Study Guide

Chemistry Test Study Guide
Test Date: Wednesday October 30th
You must be able to:
1. Identify the number of elements and atoms in a compound.
2. Draw a Lewis Dot Diagram for an element using the periodic table.
3. Predict the type of bond (ionic or covalent) given two elements from the periodic table.
4. Draw a molecule’s covalent bonds given its chemical formula. Be able to model a covalent
bond. This includes diatomic molecules.
5. Describe different properties of ionic and covalent bonds. Know examples of chemical and
physical properties. (Lab)
There may be an essay question about physical and chemical properties of ionic and
covalent bonds.
6. Predict the charges of the ions of elements that will form an ionic bond. Polyatomic Ions
will be given.
7. Know the various types of chemical reactions. (5 types) Be able to identify the type of
8. Know the difference between exothermic and endothermic reactions on an Energy Vs Time
9. Know the differences between exothermic and endothermic reactions.
Online Textbook Concepts
5.1 ​Chemical Bonds
5.3 ​Chemical Formulas
5.4 ​Ionic Bond
5.5 ​Ionic Compound
5.6 ​Covalent Bond
5.7 ​Molecular Compounds
5.12 ​Chemical Reaction
5.13 ​Reactants and Products
5.23 ​Exothermic Reaction
5.24 ​Endothermic Reaction