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Grade 6
Lesson Objectives
 Students will:
1. Learn the two main types of maps:
– Political and Physical Maps
2. Recognize that a map contains elements
such as title, scale, symbols, legends,
grids, and cardinal and intermediate
The World Political
 Political maps show how people have
divided places on the Earth into countries,
states, cities and other units for the purpose
of governing them.
The World Physical
 Physical maps show what the surface of
the Earth looks like.
Oceans of the World
 The world has four major oceans.
 Atlantic Arctic
 Pacific
 Arctic
 Indian
Global Climates
 Students generally associate Arctic and
Antarctic with cold weather, so students
could make the observation that the climate
at the poles is cold. This map shows the
general climate regions of the world.
World Religions
 Religious beliefs help define a people’s
culture, so to understand a people, it is
important to consider what religions
influence that group.
Map Review
 What is the purpose of a Political map?
To show borders of countries, states,
Map Review
 What is the purpose of a Physical map?
 Physical maps show what the surface of
the world looks like
Map Review
 What are the four major oceans of the
 Atlantic
 Pacific
 Arctic
 Indian
Map Review
 Why is it important to understand a
peoples religion?
 because religion helps shape their culture
Mapping It Out
Social Studies Online
What’s on a map?
Maps have a lot of information,
but you need to know how to read
them. There are several parts to a
map which explain details and
help you really see where you are
and where you're going.
Legend/Map Key
 Maps often have
symbols to
represent such
features as
highways, small
campgrounds, and
rest areas. These
symbols are listed
in the legend.
Compass Rose
 A Compass Rose: a
design on a map that
shows directions.
 It shows north, south,
east, west, northeast,
northwest, southeast,
and southwest.
 The index tells
you where to find
a specific place on
a map. Depending
on the size and
type of map you're
using, the index
can help you
locate a city, town,
or street.
 Scale: shows what distance on the earth is
represented by a certain distance on the map.
– Tells you how space on a map equals distance on
the earth
 Longitude is lines
that run north and
 Longitude measures
east or west
Prime Meridian
 The prime meridian is 0 degrees
 This imaginary line runs through
Greenwich, England.
 Lines of Latitude:
imaginary lines that
run east to west.
 Latitude measures
north or south.
 The equator is 0 degree latitude.
 The equator is the imaginary line that
separates the Northern Hemisphere from
the Southern Hemisphere.