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designn concept airport

Tribal Weapons of
the cordilleran, include
battleaxes (pin-nang/pinangas),
spears (falfeg,
fangkao, sinalawitan),
and shields (kalasag).
knives and
People have used weapons in
warfare, hunting, self-defense,
law enforcement.
The airport is widely incorporated with cordilleran style of
architecture. From its exterior massing to its interior design. The exterior
massing of the airport is designed with the Igorot’s spear and shield since
majority of the population here in Baguio city are Igorot’s. The shield
(kalasag) is evident in the wall massing of the building structure and the
spear (falfeg, fangkao, sinalawitan) is evident in the top view of the roof.
On the right side view of the elevation of the roof they will see the roof
like a winged shape to distinguish that the building is an airport. The
interior massing and design of the walls are composed of wood carvings
of the cordilleran region which shows the people's talents and will also
act as an attraction inside the building where in passengers may also
view this carvings while waiting. Also, I put edible plants like
strawberries inside the building for them to have something to eat while
waiting for their flight.