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Final Reflective Essay

How to Survive English 1158
There are many steps to reach success in English 1158. The many steps to succeed is
time, effort, and patience. Time is very important in this course. When writing papers, giving
yourself time to do each paper gives you a time block schedule to do certain things. The first
thing to do with your time is to write your heart out. Write whatever comes to your mind no
matter how dumb it sounds. The second thing to do with your time is to redraft your thoughts to
be in a more organized fashion. The last thing you need o do with your time is do revisit it and
make your words sound smoother and consist. The reason why time is very important in this
course is because sometimes you can get stuck on writing certain parts of your paper. When you
allow yourself to have a lot of time, you can always spend time away from writing and give
yourself a break to think. The second most important aspect within this course is effort. Give
yourself effort and motivation to write. It is very important to choose a topic within the
assignments that best suits you. If you choose a paper that you do not want to put effort in, then
what is the point of writing it? Without effort, your paper will turn out horrible. The amount of
effort you put in your papers shows within your writing. Having passion to write gives you the
motivation to write the best paper you are capable of. The last important step is to have patience.
Having patience to write papers is important overall. There are going o be times where you are
stuck or lost in writing. So having patience will help provide the time and effort for you to do
your paper. Without patience, it will lead to negative thoughts towards yourself and your writing.
Remember to be patient with yourself, so you can give yourself a chance to write the best paper
for each assignment.