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Act of State
on Land Title is issued to citizen of Ukraine
Rudnytskyi Ihor Levovych
(surname, name, patronymic)
residing (located) at: 8 Apt., 138 Pukhov Str., City of Chernihiv,
(address - place of residence, location)
and based on the resolution of City Council Session of May, the 16th/the second session of
twenty fourth convocation/, r.81,5 Members of Parliament Session
Land plot sale and purchase agreement
(AEB No.514467) No. 4490
(date and number of sale and purchase agreement, date, registration number)
is shared in private property a land plot with area 0.1 ha within the boundaries according to the
The land plot is located at
124 Kyivska Str., Chernihiv city
(locality, village, local Council)
the land plot is given for building and servicing dwelling-house and household constructions/
household plots /
This Act of State is made in duplicate, one copy is given to Rudnytskyi I.L., another is kept at
City Members of Parliament Council
This Act is registered in the Register of State Acts on Title to Land No.3246
Head of City Members of Parliament Council
July, 22, 2002
Seal: Executive Committee of Chernihiv City Council of Chernihiv region