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FORUM:Political Committee
QUESTION OF:Finding Rare Resources
CO-SUBMITTERS: UK,Japan,South Africa,Switzerland,USA
The Security Council,
Welcoming the growing global awareness of the importance of new and
renewable sources of energy,
Gravity,sun,wind and water are kinds of energy.The Earth is turned
by energy.We need to have energy for anything you can imagine.
For breathing,eating,walking,talking...So we need energy to
live.Recent years the fossil fuels are the most common energy
When we use fossil fuels,we waste main energy sources.
1) Underlining that today children are our future, we can add
"Protecting Environment”lesson to syllabus for primary, secondary
and high schools. Secondary schools can do basics process for
renewable energy
2) Suggests a law like "All factories have to use renewable energy.
If you don't , you have to give money as a punishment to the
factories which use renewable energy ." , factories may start to
renewable energy. It is a big development because the biggest
pollutions are maden by factories. If the factories don't give the
money ,they can go bankrup and it's a bad regression for industry.
3) Noting that renewable energy sources can be used for versatil
education. People's education will be better and in the same time we
will protect the nature.
4) Reminds that the renewable energy resources must be cheaper and
more available.
5)Invites all countries to take primary responsibility for its own
development and to be enable to provide conditions for investments
and sustained financing.
6) Decides to remain seized of this matter.