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Holographic technology in marketing isn’t new; Coca-Cola and Kellogg’s
have been using it successfully since 2009. In fact, Kellogg’s saw a 60% increase in
sales while exhibiting a holographic display.
Most of the application of hologram is in marketing. To attract consumers
and increases their sales. Many of these messages work by displaying a product
surrounded by a holographic projection that appears to interact with the product,
making it come alive.
But there are already researches in which hologram can be used in
communication technology. Like in social media, how it connects other people
especially when there are far from one another.
How does it work?
Scientists at Bristol University have created an interactive hologram that
responds to human touch through ultrasound. It’s exactly what this new
generation wants.
“In the future, people could feel holograms of objects that would not
otherwise be touchable,” said the University’s lead researcher, Dr. Benjamin Long,
“such as feeling the differences between materials in a CT scan or understanding
the shapes of artifacts in a museum.”
Samsung and Apple are the smartphone companies have experimented
with some form of holographic technology over the past couple of years. Today’s
tech can be incorporated in multiple ways and on different levels, ushering in a
new era of holographic communication.
With the arrivals of high-speed 5G networks could lead to big changes in
how we use our mobile phones and social media, allowing us to enjoy virtual
reality on-the-go interactive live broadcast, and even project holograms from our
hand handsets.
US telecoms giant Verizon and Korean Telecom (KT) are the companies that
continuously experimenting the hologram communication. KT has said it is working
on commercializing hologram video calls that would let users “meet a person in a
remote are in a real size in real time”
The TeleHuman, as the technology is known, works with two people
standing in front of their own cylindrical display video-conferencing pods.
Each person communicates to holographic life-size 3D projections of one
another. This image is visible 360 degrees around the pod and creates the
illusion of another person standing within the pod.
"Why Skype when you can talk to a life-size 3D holographic image of
another person?" said Roel Vertegaal, director of the Human Media Lab,
on the Queen's University website.
Application and Possible problems
On-the-go interactive live broadcast in social media accounts
Project holograms
Playing games or industrial applications
Hologram phone calls instead of video call
The hologram communication can also be access into the smart watch like apple
watch and galaxy watch.
Possible problems:
With the arrival of 5G networks, not all the place will be instantly provided the said
network like remote area in which it is also possible to use the holographic
Compatibility of smartphones – holographic communication is an advances
technology in which it also needed to have high technology of smart phones.
Chatbots around Social Media
Chatbots is being derived as a “conversational agents” that are software
applications in somehow it is human speech supposedly talking and creating
conversation with a real person.
It depicts the punctuality of this software that could remain for succeeding
years and still evolving because of the high technologies.
Chatbots acts as a resistance or customer service that can talk with a real
person that can go beyond communicating for the sake of the real person.
How do Chatbots work?
The Chatbots work is just the same process of voice recognition of Apple’s
Siri, Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana that rely on language processing or NLP
that directly can send you to an application, software, or even websites that you
want to.
When you command Chatbots, the process is being determined by the
Chatbots to which the algorithms must be acceptable for them to react in the
currently situation of the real person and determine a series of appropriate
responses based on the information.
Additionally, they are known to be authentic software that tends to be a
normal conversation even if it is software.
These Chatbots companies plays a vital role and indeed a very important
factor in our society and inside social media. Enhancing customer services is very
necessary for people to experience high technologies that rely on communicating
and by chance to enable to see that you desire.
This will be successful if the humans can use it in a relevant way or more
important approach in their life and obviously will help them to seek new
opportunities and optimizing the knowledge of new technologies.
Outcomes in Social Media
The result of this software application or Chatbots is that they create better
way of communicating of Dementia Patients. According to Dan Shewan, the
Russian technology creates a company named Endurance that would explicitly
develop a Chatbots. In this case, most of many people have this Alzheimer’s
disease or memory loss in which Chatbots may help to identify deviations in
conversational branches that may indicate a problem with immediate
After the result, it will can review by medical doctors such as physicians
what would be the intention of the patients and indeed it is much easier to inform
to the families.
This artificial intelligence can work in every corner in the industry like for
example in real estate. The company of real estate or the owner provides the
automation which is Roof AI when a person wanted to buy or rent an apartment
or even condominium.
This chatbot will help the people to find the most common desire of the
people and interacting easily in easiest way and providing information about the
address of the real estate.
Checking headlines are very necessary for the busy people and to view the
most relevant hot news or topics that are depicted in Facebook. This artificial
intelligence allowed users to engage with the conversational agent via Facebook
to view or identify the hot news in their own interest.
This may be an information, news video or vlogs, and even live news that
will cover up the headlines for today news. This is an example of NBC Politics Bot
that today is still often use for many people in the offices that would help them to
cope up on what is going on in their own countries and even around the globe.
Visual Search and Image Recognition in Social Media
Visual search is an emerging development in the world of artificial intelligence (AI)
and machine learning (ML) which has the potential to revolutionize how
consumers find and buy products.
search uses real-world images
(screenshots, Internet images, or
photographs) as the stimuli for online searches.
How does it work?
In the internet world nowadays, it is possible to find whatever you have in
mind literally. This is all because of powerful search engines and other tools that
thoroughly filter the world wide web.
Even if it sounds as if it could not get any better, a new technology is
innovated to make searching the net more convenient. Different from the usual
searching method wherein you must type in words to find whatever you are
looking for; visual search allows people to input photos and images related to their
anticipated searches and various results akin to the images would be displayed.
This is supported with the fact that 90% of the information that is transmitted
to the human brain is visual and that for as little as 13 milliseconds, the human brain
can identify images.
Social Media Today
This technology entails several useful applications not only for personal
purposes but mainly for the marketing and retail industry. The website called Social
Media Today expounds that type of artificial intelligence improves merchandising
and personalizes online shopping experience.
They stated that instead of recommending products based on a shopper’s
past behavior or purchases, visual search technology can recommend relevant
products based on how they look, helping shoppers to find items of similar or
complementary styles.
According to Social Media Today image recognition is also giving
marketers an edge on social media by allowing them to find uses of brand
products and logos and identify visual trends. Through these brands can spot
where and how their consumers are interacting with brand, logo or product using
images even when it is not referred to by name. This new mechanism is called
visual social listening.
Visual search is developing fast as there are a lot of companies that
adopted this kind of searching method for their consumers. This includes: ASOS,
eBay, Pinterest, Forever 21, Tommy Hilfiger and many other big brands and social
media sites.
Outcomes in Social Media
Like any other form of AI, this trend has to sides, the good and the bad. It is
no doubt that this technology is helpful as its advantages include reverse image
search that finds the close match of the image inputted, Metadata search that
identifies the location where the photo was taken, online shopping, Optical
Character Recognition, Augmented Reality with Visual Search and many more.
However, these privileges entail consequences that online consumers must deal
Some search results display images that are no longer accessible due to
inactive links and other reasons. Reverse image lookups may overlook popular
image files such as PDF and PowerPoint as it only queries HTML data at this time.
Lastly, it favors high quality images as images having less than 300 pixels per
inch may produce inconsistent results.
The existence of Artificial Intelligence in social media, business firms and
even in the society came across that affect many lives because of this advance
technology. Since then, technologies have been upgraded to the next level for
so many reasons: less work and enough needs that program by the artificial
intelligence. It is more recommended than working with hands because it is more
efficient and more productive in using Artificial Intelligence that emphasize
algorithms, codes and data that will fit for an application or even software
application. Most people are recommending this course because it helps for
making research and development much better that will be used for environment,
industry and even in the economy in which it will subsidize less work and having
time for solving other problems. In our concepts, there are maintaining actions of
Artificial intelligence that work for our concepts which is productivity and a service
to which it will provide the needs of the people.
In Hologram in Social Media, the response of Artificial Intelligence is the
service of it that will provide advance technologies and it is exactly the new
generation wants and it is often “something new.” This provides more convincing
interactive to the people that later attracts to something new and visualizing the
vital role of hologram in social media.
The Chatbot also is a factor of Artificial Intelligence that fit in social media
and it provides more productivity and service for the people in which they serve
as agents that communication arise. It plays a vital role for the people who has
disease of Alzheimer, providing information in which people tend to find in the
market, and necessity for checking the deadline to which Chatbot will response
actively to notice people and this explains why companies built this advance
technologies to which it will work very well.
Lastly, the use of brain or opening our mind through searching the internet
has affect our necessities in people’s life and visual search allows to do that if
people anticipate their wants or desires, it will automatically be displayed. In other
words, it is an instant necessity that deprived people to expand their needs in life
with the help of Artificial Intelligence and it is advisable to take this program to use
it for the development in advance technologies for making social media a more
relevant place to be.