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Death by Landscape - Short Story - Narrative

Creative Writing Short Story Assignment
Assignment: Write an alternative ending to Margaret Atwood’s “Death by Landscape.” In your story you
should explore what really happened to Lucy.
1. Plot Your Story
Before you begin, brainstorm what might have happened to Lucy. What else might cause
conflict and move plot along in your story? Your alternative ending should include an
introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and conclusion.
2. Show vs. tell
Use dialogue, thoughts, and actions to help your reader understand your main characters. Use
vivid descriptions to help create images for the reader. Use strong verbs to create a sense of
action, drama and story. Ultimately your story should be written in a way that a tone (or mood)
is established.
3. Theme
You should think about what theme or message you want to impart the reader with. What is
the lesson you want them to take away?
4. Proofread
Get three people to proofread your short story for you so that you can edit and improve it
before handing your story in.
5. Hand it in!
Hand in your short story typed and double spaced to the A30 inbox.