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The Power of Google (1)


Faith Keyes, The Power Of Google Assignment.

I believe in terms of the amount of power Google has, in order for innovation to exist someone must control that innovation. With that control, as long as humans have the capacity for evil, there will always be the possibility of human error. Obvious negatives would be things like using major search analytics and data for unethical purposes. Showing different websites results for someone based on gender or race is just one example. With those negatives though do come positives. Google is an asset and a huge resource for all things.

A) I can understand from a marketing point why this would be considered an ethical advertising opportunity. From the perspective of a consumer though, the promoted pin is most likely not going to be the best deal. A promoted search result takes away space for the possibility of a better option.

B) Google plays a huge part in website development because you can have the best website ever created but if the online link never shows up as a search result, your website will never grow or be popular. This in itself explains why websites in order to survive, thrive and stay afloat need keywords in their names and descriptions for searches. Keywords help give these links a fighting chance in searching browsers and search results.