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1. Moral Dilemma
a. When his parents shouted at Lola because Ling didn’t want to eat and the author stood
up for Lola
b. Lying to his friend in America when they asked about Lola (why his parents shouted at
her, who is she in their family, etc.)
c. Lola: Marry a farmer or stay in their family and work
d. When the author wanted Lola to get dentures as her teeth were rotting but his mom
shouted at the author for defending Lola
e. Parents allowing lola to leave America
f. Author brings Lola’s remains home
2. How they resolved this dilemma
a. The author stood up for lola by telling his parents that Ling really said that she didn’t
want to eat
i. Factor: Lola was there for them their whole life more than their parents have
been to them
1. At that age, he learned that this kind of treatment is not normal and
should not be accepted
b. He tried to save the image of his family by lying since slavery is not the norm in America
i. If they got found out, the image of their family would be at risk
ii. They struggled to live in America
c. She was very young (12 y.o.) and didn’t want to marry. She did not know that Tom
meant that that offer is for life
i. She did not fully understand Tom’s offer
d. Her dentures were fixed a long time after that when his mom when his father left
i. The mom became more dependent on lola and treated her better
e. They might get deported for allowing lola to stay illegally.
i. Life will completely change
ii. All their hard work will go to waste
f. It’s just right to bring her back to where she came from, along with the possibility of
having relatives/friends that know her.
i. He’s grateful for everything Lola did
3. Char
a. Author
b. Agree: It’s a decision for the family which was struggling
c. At the end, he realized what the right thing to do was
i. He tried to give Lola a better life in the end