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Thesis sample - English Assessment

In the film of Run Lola Run, by Tom Tykwer, incorporates and showcases the power of love,
specifically Lola’s where her love is at a level where she is willing to commit acts that are deemed
immoral or generally disliked upon by the populace.
In Lola’s first run, she goes to a bank that her ‘supposed’ father manages, where she shamelessly
asks for a large sum of money, later on Lola helps Mani rob a grocery store hurting a security guard
while doing so. While in her second run she goes to her father again but ends up robbing it but not
before shooting a gun near her father, showcasing that she is even willing to hurt or kill her own
parent. – Do you think you could incorporate your techniques after each point you are making? So
that you are making your point and then supporting it with evidence straight away
Techniques used would be handheld cameras for characters that are not Lola or Mani, Polaroid
photos showing flash forwards, medium close-up shots, extreme close-up shots etc. Some of these
techniques were also used to show how a couple or one’s love is able to dissipate over time, as in
Lola’s father, otherwise known in the film as ‘Papa’, explicitly shows us that he has been cheating on
his wife with another woman, a colleague. On Lola’s first run, the first time that ‘Papa’ was shown
through an older model of a handheld camera that shows him and his mistress. The scene involving
the father and the mistress gives off a feeling conveys the sense that they are in the act of
something immoral, as they are shown in an older type of film with grains and the almost lacking of
lighting making it seem to the viewers that it is a dark secret.