Miss Julie’s Class Look what we did today! Lola Plants a

Miss Julie’s Class
Look what we did today!
Date: Wednesday, 04/13
Story: Lola Plants a
Today we worked in our
plant journals. It was fun
to see how some of our
seeds have sprouted and
draw this in our
journals.We also drew the
things plants need in our
(sun, soil, water, and air).
Letter of the week- Y
We practiced letter names and
sounds with flash cards as a
whole group.
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Thursday, 06/02
End of Year Celebration
AM-10:00, PM 1:30
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Thursday, 4/21, 6:30-7:30
May Whitney Open House and
Book Fair
Fridays, 05/20 & 05/27
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Monday, 05/30
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