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Parts O’ Speech Rappin’
What is a verb and what is a noun?
You gotta know the difference or you can’t get down.
A noun is a person, place, or thing,
Like Houston, brother, or a ring.
A verb shows action or state of being,
Like is, are were, or play or sing.
Get up, get down,
And turn yourself around.
‘Cause when you’re rappin parts of speech,
You just gotta make some sound!
(repeat below)
An adjective describes that bad ol’ noun,
Like tall or gross or hot or round.
And adverb tells about the verb,
Or how, what, where – it ain’t absurd!
A clue to the adverb you can spy,
Cause it usually ends with the letters “ly”
The way to spot a preposition – it gives
Location or a position.
Up or down, beside, around,
On or over, they can always be found.
A pronoun is the last we’ll do,
Instead of a noun, it’s he, she, you!
Since now we know our parts o’ speech,
Lets roll on outta here and hit the beach.
By Barbara Kinsey
Language Arts Teacher Extraordinaire
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