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CRB AnnualActivities(2018-19)

Centre for Responsible Business
Report of Activities (2018-19)
CRB 20th GB Meeting
22nd August 2019, CRB Office, New Delhi
 Funded Activities
 Non-Funded Activities
 Recognition & Achievements
 Pathway for Next Year
Funded Activities
 End of Life Management of Electronics Waste (Green
Electronics Council)
 Exploring the Potential of Agro-residue as Raw Material
for Eco-industries (MVO Nederland)
 Promoting Circular Economy in Textile Manufacturing Delhi NCR Pilot (Novozymes)
Business &
 Practical Guideline for Child Friendly Supply Chains for The Garment Sector (Global March Against Child
Private Sector  Promoting Responsible Value Chains in India for better
Contribution to SDGs (IDRC)
SMEs &
 Sustainable and Inclusive Mica Supply Chain (TdH
Sustainability Netherlands)
Funded Activities
India and Sustainability Standards 2018
Partners: 53 Organisations
Sessions: 28 Sessions
Speakers: 125 Speakers
Delegates: 640 delegates
Non-Funded Activities
 Walking together with VSS in India – An initiative to ensure
better/greater awareness among VSS Organisations about
themselves. Quarterly meetings and on-ground actions, first
meeting in Jan 2019
 Corporate Responsibility Watch – Participated methodology
development/refinement and submit ‘Case Study’ for CRW
Report 2019
 Sustainable Palm Oil Coalition – CRB is the Secretariat for
this Coalition (www.indiaspoc.org)
Recognitions & Affiliations
 One Planet Network (UN Environment) – CRB’s
Membership to the Advisory Committee was renewed in 2018 for
2 additional years
 Trade for Sustainable Development (International Trade
Centre) – CRB is one of the 10 Global Advisory organisations on
this Committee
 World Benchmarking Alliance – CRB is a Member of the
World Benchmarking Alliance and participate actively in
 Benefit Corporation (B-Lab) – CRB has been engaging
closely with the B-Lab initiative in providing
Pathways for the Future (2019-20)
 Consolidation of Thematic Areas & Sectors
 Strategic Business Plan 2021-30 – draft to be presented to GB
Members in November 2019
Partnerships – MoU with Aston University, MoU with Univ of
Basel (under progress), Bilaterals (Canada , Australia & Denmark)
Financial Health
Secured Funding (Apr-July,19): Rs 81,00,000
Funding Forecast (Aug-Dec,19): Rs 167,00,000
Exploring New Revenue Sources
Sustainable Marketplace – Online Marketplace for Sustainable
Certified Products
Digital Multi-stakeholder Sustainability Initiative (Portal)
Pathways for the Future (2019-20)
 Team
- Senior Management – Director & Associate Director
- Middle Management – 2 Managers
- Ground-force – 3 Programme Officers
 Systems Improvement
- Admin & HR Officer (Office administration , travel/logistics,
Grievance Cell)
 Communication & Outreach
- Active Social Media presence (Communication Team)
- New Overhauled Website (www.c4rb.org)
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