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Bio MitoChloro Note Guide

Mr. Heim Biology Note Guide
Name: _________________________ Period: ________________
Living things require ______________________________. Most cells are powered by food
______________________ that are built using energy from the __________. ________________ and
__________________________ are both involved in the energy _________________________
processes in the cell.
_______________ and some other organisms contain chloroplasts. Chloroplasts are like
_____________________ _____________________ ____________________. They capture energy from
the sun and convert it to food via _______________________________________. Inside the organelle
are large stacks of other _________________________, which contain the green pigment
________________________________: Power plants of the cell; convert food energy into ATP energy
for cell to use. Our mitochondria come from ___________ ______________. This means that your
___________________ comes from your __________! Chloroplasts and mitochondria have their own
genetic information separate from the ____________ in the _____________________.
____________________________________________ Theory: Chloroplasts and
___________________________ may have descended from independent organisms