Parts of a Cell - 5thgradecseskropinski

Parts of a Cell
Ants plants, snails whales
People are made of cells
Every form of life is made of cells
From an ant to a killer whale
Check out the song we’re about to do
We made this rhyme up just for you
The smallest unit of life is a cell
Major components to function well
All cells can be a different size
The major parts we memorize
Plants and animals have parts that are the same
The nucleus and the cell membrane
Mitochondria and vacuoles
Knowing all the cells parts is our goal
Chloroplasts and cell walls are only in plants
We study all the parts at a glance
The cell membrane covers the cell
Controls what comes in and out—like a jail
Cytoplasm is a gel-fluid in a cell
Embedded are other organelles
The nucleus contains all the DNA
Controlling the cell every second of the day
The vacuole is a storage area
Another part is the mitochondria
The mitochondria is the part using oxygen
Releasing energy again and again
Mitochondria’s known as a powerhouse
This is easy to learn-NO DOUBT
The cell wall adds extra support
For plants it’s made of cellulose
Chloroplasts make food for plant cells
Learn this song and you will do well
CHORUS repeat 4 times