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Anatomy and Physiology Tissues Case Studies

APPH 3753 Human Anatomy
Case study #3
Name: _____________________________________________
Please record answers on a separate piece of paper, and staple this sheet, as a cover sheet, onto your
answer sheet. Grade is based on completeness of each response.
1- Trace a drop of venous blood from the right deltoid muscle to the heart and lungs and then back
to the right deltoid with oxygenated blood. You will begin with the cephalic vein and end with
the thoracoacromial trunk. Be as detailed as you can. Include all heart chambers, valves and
major blood vessels.
2- Children who suffer from protein deficiencies have bloated bellies because of ascites (excess
interstitial fluid in their abdomen). How would a shortage of protein in the diet cause this
3- Compare and contrast skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscle tissue.
4- The most common site for varicose (distended veins) veins is the great saphenous vein of the leg
and thigh. Why?
5- Describe, in a few sentences each, the following cardiovascular and blood disorders
Kawasaki disease
Raynaud Phenomenon
Tetralogy of Fallot
Von Willebrand disease
Christmas disease ( and no, it’s not Christmas time thing )