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Technology Infrastructure - Copy




Planning and sustainability ideas for leadership

Classroom of the past

Classroom of the present

Core functions of district technology

• Learning

• Curriculum



• District operations

• Payroll


EMIS (Analytics)

• Safety and Security

• Physical



Common Technology Concerns

• Affordability

• Network capacity

• Reliability

• Digital equity

• Cloud services

• Safety and Security

• Management and support

Effective technology budgeting

• Should be specific and aligned to technology plan

• Should be transparent and built with input from district stakeholders

• Take advantage of consortium pricing offered by your area

• Technology standardization

• Maximize E-Rate funding

• Establish other funding sources

(E-Rate ?)

• Leasing options with fixed yearly costs

• The cost of doing nothing

(penny-wise and pound-foolish)

Practice sustainability and life cycle replacement

• Understand product support:

• End of Sale (EOS)

End of Life (EOL)

End of Service Life (EOSL)

• Periodic upgrades are more affordable

Stop supporting obsolete technology

(Especially phone and security systems)

• Planned replacement

• User device (3 years)

Wireless (5 Years)

Network infrastructure (5 to 7 years)

Telephony and Surveillance (?)

• Cloud technologies when applicable

• Bandwidth (Have enough)

Effective decision making

• Use technology committees

• Technology Staff



• Develop plan and budget

• Technology (and software)purchases are in line with the plan and budget

• Equitable for district stakeholders

• Promotes adoption of new technology

• Very successful when implemented properly

Do you know where this is located?

How about this?

Technology staff continuity and

“upstream” support

• Technology staff and/or vendor turnover

• Who has the “keys to the kingdom”?

• Cross training amongst technology staff

• Documented procedures and/or instructions

• Who is your “upstream” support for technology?

• External “for profit” vendors (SLA’s)

• Managed services and support

• Ask questions

Effective technology plan

• Defines organization’s technology strategy and goals

• Establishes budget and guidelines for purchasing

• Ensures technology systems are:

• Capable, Affordable, Equitable

Enhance organizational safety and security

Reasonably supported and managed

Cloud based (when appropriate)

• Designate positions of the technology committee

• “He who fails to plan is planning to fail” ~ Sir Winston Churchill

Technology Concerns in review

• Affordability - What is the total cost of ownership?

• Network capacity - Can our existing infrastructure support it?

• Reliability - How reliable is this technology?

• Digital equity – Will the technology benefit digital learning?

• Cloud services – What are the advantages and disadvantages?

• Safety and Security – Is our technology capable of securing facilities and/or information, while enhancing personnel safety?

• Management and support: How long is the technology supported? Who will support and manage it? Who will support them?