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Copy of Chapter 5 Guided Notes

Core #____
Chapter 5 Guided Notes: Life in a New State
Pg. 156-191
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Jacobs​: Read the selection, summarize into a short paragraph
and answer the following questions. Please copy the answer in its entirety.
Harriet was talking about the condition that she was in. This is her thoughts right before she goes to bed.She
sleeps fine. She would have chosen this life ovr the life of a slave. She was never mistreated, harmed, or put
into hard labor. But then she is enslaved ad everything changes bc she has a mean master.
1. What caused Harriet to sleep?
D. she was very tired
2. Based on the selection, how could Harriet’s life be described before she was enslaved by Dr. Flint?
C. She was treated kindly, and her life was comparatively devoid of hardships
3. Why did Harriet say that she was not comfortless in hiding?
D. she could hear the voices of her children
4. Based on the information in the selection, which of the following relationships in most similar to the
relationship below?
B. comfortless:comfortable
Optional: Required
5. Based on the selection, how could Harriet Jacobs be described?
A. Harriet was an escaped slave who left a life of being cruelly overworked
The Second Great Awakening
In 1801 what began to spread across NC?
A religious movement/revival
What did North Carolinians do?
People would come to large outdoor gatherings held by preachers, encouraging people to search their souls.
What was it sparked by?
Evangelical religious ideas
As tensions increased what did Americans realize?
America wasn't as democratic as they thought they were and slavery wasn't right
Religion and Democracy
Evangelical ideas encouraged people to..
Forget the past and start fresh
How did church and the new evangelical zeal change life in NC?
It built bonds of community
The Question of Slavery
What controversy did the evangelical movement raise for African Americans?
If blacks were equal to whites in God's eyes, shouldn't they be equal to society as well?
What perspective did the slave owners take?
They didn't believe that they were all equal
What perspective did the African Americans take?
They didn't believe that the bible thought slavery was right
What story from the bible did slaves closely identify with?
The story of how Moses lead the Jewish people to the promised land
As many evangelical whites began to denounce slavery what did the movement turn into? What did the
movement want?
The northerners thought that slavery was wrong so they decided to help the slaves. Abolitionism- an immediate
end to slavery
The Scene in NC
List the main concerns of 19th Century NC
Slavery: is it okay???
-Background of State and National politics:
Politics focused on economic development
-North Carolinians:
Needs of farm and family
-NC State Politics:
Economical development
-NC State Political conflict:
Western farmers had to break the hold that eastern panthers established over the government
Prosperity in the East
In the early 1800s economic and political power remained with who in NC?
The hands of the planters and merchants
How did the booming US population effect NC economics?
It increased the need for things like lumber and crops which was their speciality
What technological development made agriculture and cotton easily harvested? Invented by who?
The cotton gin, Eli Whitney
How did it work? What was its effect economically and socially?
It used sharp metal teeth to grab cotton fibers, separating the fibers and the seeds.It made processing cotton
easier, and faster.
Bright Leaf Tobacco
How did farmers cure tobacco?
They dried them out and smoked them.
What nickname did the northeastern counties of NC take because of tobacco?
Bright tobacco belt
A Life Enslaved
Eastern prosperity depended on?
Slave labour
_​1/3​_ of the state’s residents were enslaved
How did the African American slaves spend their free time?
They hunted, fished, and grew food. They worked to give themselves an identity from a institution who took it
Out after Dark
Why did slaves travel after dark?
When no one could see them, and because it is when they weren't working
Who was out patrolling the woods at night?
´Pattie Rollers´
What was going on in the World? Pg. 164
International slave trade was coming to an end
Sold Away
What were the personal effects of living in fear?
Their family could be split in seconds
Free Blacks
What percent of free blacks lived in New Bern?
Thomas Day: Bio
What was his job?
Furniture maker
Caswell county
What was he?
A free black
How did plantation plantation society affect his business?
It created a great demand for his business
War of 1812
Why did the US enter the War of 1812 after being neutral in the conflict?
British battleships began to seize U.S. ships carrying supplies to france.
Congressional leader pro-war:
How did the beginning of the war go for American forces?
They started to get defeated by the british indians
Who became a war hero during this conflict?
Andrew Jackson
Who felt the effects of the war most greatly?
The Native Americans
What was the lasting effect of the War of 1812?
Americans felt proud that they could stand up to the brits
The War in NC
Where was the war felt?
Mainly among the cost
North Carolinians in the War
Privateering:​ official power from the U.S. government to capture british ships.
Otway Burns: Describe his effort in the War of 1812
He took control of british ships and kept the profit from what he found on them. He became a war hero and
Naval Captain Johnston Blakely: describe his efforts in the War of 1812
He and his crew captured and destroyed british ships in the atlantic and english channel
Andrew Jackson and Junaluska: describe their efforts in the War of 1812
He made an ally with the cherokees and they helped each other throughout the war.
Dolley Payne Madison: Describe her efforts in the War of 1812
She was the first lady and she tried to save important documents and things.
The Star Spangled Banner
Who wrote the song?
Francis Scott Key
When was it written?
September of 1812
What was it written from?
An old british tune, and a poem.
When was it officially adopted as the national anthem?
Struggles in the West
What were farms like in Western NC?
They were strong family farms that often struggled
Waking up the State
Western farmers wanted improved _____​Transportation​______
To make money off of crops a farmer had to transport goods quickly
How did representation work in NC Congress from 1776 to mid 1820s?
Seat in legislature was determined by the number of counties
How did general education suffer in NC?
Not many children got an education because most people just went to private tutors
Was was the effect of stagnant western economy, lack of educational investment, and a tight hold of political
power in the east have on NC?
It made many people feel that NC was declining socially and economically.
What nickname did NC receive?
The Rip Van Winkle state
Ambitious reform
Murphey challenged the State legislature to?
Lack of interest and social development
What was the first part of Murphey's plan?
To develop a plan for new roads and waterways
What did Murphey consider the key to NC future?
Reformers Push Harder
How did Jackson loss of the 1824 election untie the “Western Farmers?”
It provoked outrage among his supporters. Created democrats.
A New Constitution
In 1835 what did David Swain convince the NC legislature to do?
To hold a constitutional convention and to write a constitution that would spread political power more evenly
among the state.
List the Changes in the NC Constitution after 1835
-Removed some voting restrictions and some restrictions in holding office
-Voters no longer had to own land to vote for legislator
-The governor was elected by voters
-Catholics were allowed to hold state office
-People could change their religion from protestant to christian
-Produced new energetic state government
-Broke the hold that the eastern seats had
-Created the whig political party
More Improvements
What was the new way of travel on NC roads?
Plank roads
Railroads come to NC in the 1830s, where did the first two railways travel to and from?
Both lines connected with virginia
What effects did improvements in transportation have on the NC Piedmont?
-They began to produce more crops
-Small scale farming operations
-Small textile mills and such operations
Public Schools
During this reform what efforts did NC take to improve public education?
The made common schools
NC’s Gold Rush
What was built in Charlotte due to the Gold Rush in Rowan County?
A U.S. mint
Westward Expansion
How did the Country gain all of its Western Territories by 1850/
A combo of fighting and diplomacy. Louisiana purchase
What Native American tribe in NC was not affected by the Congressional Indian Removal Act?
Robeson County Indians, Cherokee indians.
Indian Removal Act
By 1800 what were the 5 major bands on Native American Tribes? What states did they reside?
-The creeks in Alabama
- Cherokee in Georgia, Tennessee, and NC
-Seminoles in Florida
-Chickasaws in Mississippi
-Choctaws in Mississippi
How many votes in congress did the IRA pass by?
1 vote
NC Cherokee Fight to Stay
How did the Cherokee and Chief Yonaguska fight removal?
They went into the woods to hide from feds, and they sued the federal government for the right to stay.
How did NC help the Cherokee?
The hands off approach, did not force them off.
The Trail of Tears
What happened to NC’s Cherokee Indians?
About 1,000 won the right to stay, 17,000 were forced to leave.
Where did they go?
Quallatown area
Were they all forced to leave? Explain.
We were expanding and the Indians kept on fighting with us.
How many died along the way?
Manifest Destiny
JamesK. Polk became President and promoted?
Expansion of U.S. borders (westward)
How did many Americans feel about expansion?
They felt that they were part of a special nation
Sectional Tensions Increase
What was the contention over between the North and the South?
Slavery was abolished in the north but not in the south
What North Carolinian became very outspoken in his beliefs against slavery?
Levi Coffin, Guilford county.
What methods did Abolitionists use to end slavery?
-they made slaves into ¨people¨, put a face into slavery.
-They published slaves stories
-They made blacks equal
Unrest in NC/ Fear of a Slave Revolt
How did David Walker, a free black man promote the Abolitionist movement and insure fear of a revolt?
He published a pamphlet
Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Compare and Contrast the effects of ​Uncle Tom’s Cabin​ and ​Common Sense​ had on the issues of their time.
Both of them were extremely influential to the very important issues of their time. Common sense promoted
independence from britain and Uncle Tom's cabin promoted the demolish of slavery. They will both insight a
Economic Divide
How did Southern and Northern economies differ? How did it affect politics?
They had different economic implications. This meant that they had different ideas and they voted for different
Plantation vs. Industry
South’s development driven by:
Land, slaves, and cotton
North’s development driven by:
Trade, manufacturing, and shipping
The Nullification Crisis
How did Tariffs tear the nation apart?
They helped manufactures, but hurt buyers
Taxes on foreign imports and trade
How did the threat of nullify lead to possible secession?
States couldn't agree with each other
Violence Erupts/The Election of 1860/Secession begins
How did Violence and the Election lead to North Carolina's decision to secede from the Union?
Lincoln was going to abolish slavery. Lincoln's name did not appear on the ballot. The south were fed up and
they had enough bc they didn't agree with lincoln's ideas.