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My odd smile

I have been told many times before,
That I am one with an odd smile.
I am one who’s cherry blossom lips part ever so slightly
Ever so lightly, to reveal a flower field of white shinning stars.
You, you, you and you, have called me “weird”.
Different. Challenged. Unusual.
My mother once told me I was special
She told me I would grow up to make this world
Full of better people
So let me help the yous, yous, and yous,
Let me make better the words that you choose
Vexatious. Blighted. Bedeviled.
Bizarre. Irritant. Irrational. Irrelevant. being.
Maybe use some of those words.
At least that way you sound more creative.
You see the truth is, I don’t believe we have met yet.
You have judged me from afar, stranger.
I smiled, you looked away and said “weird”
So I thought,
I smile and my lips must resist the pull of a “normal person”
THEY decide to sag with a gloom-some gravity
THEY argue with the other side of my face
and speak words like thick daggers.
My smile, like the gleam of a glowing sun,
Is a treasure to look at.
A pleasure to absorb.
It is a song to let your eyes bask in
But to you, you, and you, who call me wired,
My smile might burn like the sun’s beams do
Stare too long and you are left blinded.
Head sunken, and regretting your descision.
You see I am not “different” from you.
My momma said I was a special edition.
I am God’s perfect rendition
a mystery to every simplistic mind out there
I am a poetic magician
And just like these autumn leaves
Spin around my poetic keys
I have you spun in the puppets snare
Stay right there..
And listen through these threads…
To my smile,
my momma said…
Amor mio, remember, you need no one’s permission.
So, I hope you realize now, I have been bathed in glory,
And dried by pride.
I know this smile belongs to my flesh only
And soon it will perish.
Like the promises made by children,
My smile will fade tomorrow, and no one will remember.
But God has given this to me.
This smile is not mine, but God’s
And when I pass, it too shall sail upon the seal of my soul
And swirl this world like those autumn leaves.
It will touch every grain of copper sand,
Every emerald changing leaf,
As the leaves fall and clink
Like familiar falling coins,
So will I fall and touch this cold dark world
With my oddly weird smile.
- Imagery was dope!
- Emerald leaves was dope!
- White shimmering stars!
- Emerald should relate to eye
- The intro was so nice.
Yous yous yous and yous was good
What mom said was nice
Intro… different voice…work both into one equal tone…
What can we take out of this poem so that you don’t get
- Good challenge: don’t let them get lost in the imagery??
- First part was kinda funny
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