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Business Name:
Bend Law Group San Francisco
75 Broadway St
San Francisco, CA 94111
(516) 234-5006
Mon-fir 8am - 4pm
Payment Methods:
PayPal Credit, debit card
Due to our committed employees, our reputation is second to none. We pride ourselves on our efficient,
friendly and pro-active service. Home Property Lawyers is proud to be a member of the Law Society's
Conveyancing Quality Scheme which provides a recognized quality standard for residential conveyancing
practices. In addition, Home Property Lawyers is a member of the Conveyancing Association.
The Conveyancing Association has launched a set of customer service pledges. As a member, Home
Property Lawyers is proud to support and uphold the new pledges. The pledges are designed make the
house-buying process smoother and more efficient, and mean that we will provide our clients with a
high-quality service.
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