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1-2. 2 General types of literature
26-27. Qualifications for national artist
3. it is derived from term “litera” which means
28.One of the progenitors of modern Filipino
short story
4. A report of everyday events
29. Redefine Filipino poetry
5-6. 2 types of prose
30. Has a significant contribution to literary arts
7. An early book of catholic Christianism
31. 1st Asian president of United Nations
8. A musical comedy which dealt with man’s
passion and emotion
32. Reverse consonance rhyme
9. A play that shows the fighting between the
Moros and Christians
10. A Filipino polymath
11. A fictious narrative usually about the origins
12. deals with animals ad inanimate things
13. a poem that follows a 575
14. A poem that follows 7577 pattern
15. the period of new society
16. A long narrative tdivided into chapters
17. Presented to stage divided into acts
18. Completely make believe stories that could
never happen
19. Stories that have been passed down from
parent to child
20. First Filipino alphabet
21. An Easter play that dramatizes the meeting
of risen Christ and his mother
22. True stories about real people
23-24 Literary pieces written by Jose Rizal
25. A dramatic performance to commemorate
the passion and death of Jesus.
33. Practice committed arts
34. Most distinguished Filipino writer
35. Finest Filipino writer in English
36. Most widely read Filipino writer
37. Won first commonwealth literary contest
38. Developed social realist tradition
39. Comic short stories
40 Translation of songs
41 Written he earliest biography of Jose Rizal
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