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Syrian conflict Analysis

Mr. Johnston
World Geography
Syrian Photography
Answer the questions in complete sentences.
1) Explain the Civil War in Syria, who is fighting? What are they fighting for?
2) What did the photographs we analyzed from the previous class show?
3) Photo #4
a) What do you notice? (list 7 things)
b) What emotions does the image create for you? (list 3)
Photo #5
What has changed? (two complete sentences)
Where did everyone go?
Where are most Syrian Refugees trying to go?
Photo #6
Write a story for this image.
1) What is the title of the article?
2) What does the author mean by, “the loudest voice is that of an AK-47”(it is not that guns are loud)
3) What is the biggest challenge she sees facing the people of Syria?
4) What is the author most frightened for?
5) What do you need an education for?
6) What is an activist?
7) What problems do the young educated Syrians face in Syria?
8) What is an “international non-profit organization”?
9) What makes the Syrian conflict unique in comparison to other conflicts in the region?
10) What solutions does Loubna the author propose for Syria?
11) Write down three questions you have for Loubna?