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MAFS 5110 oral presentation

Oral presentation on Dec 10th, 11th, 13th and 14th.
(In Rm3209A, near to lift 19-22)
Note that it is not easy to find this room!
The final examination will also be held in this room.
The group presentation will be counted for 20%
of the total score.
A written report is not required.
Either [Data Analysis]
 Form a group of at most 8 students.
 Find and analyze your real financial data with R or Python (or other equivalent software).
OR [Paper study and implementation] NEW!
 Form a group of at most 2 students.
 Pick one of my selected papers to study, and theniImplement the approach in the papers with
R or Python (or other equivalent software).
 The selected papers will be posted on the course webpage next week. First come, First served.
Select a student to be a group leader for your group.
Each group will be given
Data Analysis
Paper study
Time for presentation
20-25 minutes
10 minutes
5 minutes
3-5 minutes
Each student must present something about the project for at least 2 minutes.
PowerPoint is preferable for the group presentation.
To be fair, no students can ask me any technical problem about their work.
The group leader for each group should send a zipped package including
the final version of the PowerPoint,
data set, and
program codes in txt format
to me (macwyu@ust.hk)
before 4pm of Dec 9th for the final presentation.
 10% deduction for any material change after the deadline.
The name of the package should be written as “Your group’s name”. For instance, “Group A.zip”.
Your group’s name will be given once your group leader sends me the following materials via emails
 The full names [in English] and student id numbers of all students in your group.
 The topic of your presentation.
The presentation score will be deducted for the group if there are any student missing or not
presenting without my allowance.
Overall Presentation skill
P.S. Students in the same group will be assigned to the same score. So, if there is any student who
contributes less work or nothing, other students should let me know before the presentation.