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1. Learning log

Teaching skills and subject expertise
GCSE Computing
An introduction to programming using Python
Learning Log
Learning Objectives
You will:
receive hands-on access to the Python programming environment
gain a good working understanding of Python and basic programming
feel comfortable tackling the programming aspects required at GCSE
receive access to resources to use in the classroom.
My learning needs:
Reflections and Learning Log
Use this section to make notes on things you found interesting.
How will you use what you have learnt?
Learning review:
Reflect individually or as a group on what has been the most significant learning from today:
Has the plenary discussion answered all of your questions?
Has the course met the stated learning objectives?
Have your individual needs been met? If not, then why not?
My action points
Make a note of what you are going to put into practice back in school
(Think about what you need to do, who else could be involved, when you will do it and how you will
measure success)