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Artificial Intelligence

What is artificial intelligence? Review the following article: http://www.wired.com/2014/10/future-ofartificial-intelligence/
Where do you think IBM’s “Watson” will lead us in the future?
Artificial intelligence is the development of the computer systems that are possible to perform
like human because they use human intelligence to work. It is basically similar to a robot that can
help us to do human work. It helps human in improving the efficiency of the work when they
have this technology. As mention in the article “The three breakthrough that have finally
unleashed AI on the world,” IBM utilizes Watson’s intelligence to helping doctors and hospitals
to diagnose the issue for the human or machine. It shows that Watson will help us to have better
technology in the future and finding the solution for things that have not been solved. Moreover,
Watson technologies are very useful because it will become the foundation for other technology
to be found. In addition, Watson will help us to define the humanity. Lastly, it will improve our
quality of life, efficiency, and make a better world.