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10 steps to success in your 1st year (2) (2)

Professionalism and Success in the Workplace
Congratulations on starting your new position! As an ambitious new employee, you
want to be successful and make a good impression! Certain strategies can best ensure
a successful first year on the job.
Top 10 things to do in your first year on the job to best ensure success…..
Example: I will purchase profession clothes with a goal of always looking professional
1. I will learn how to communicate with coworkers with different personality
2. I will show more tolerance on uncertainties and failure
3. I will learn how to refuse others politely
4. I will evaluate my workload and only sign up for what I could finish
5. I will see failure as a step of improving myself
6. I will take the initiative of introducing myself
7. I will evaluate the expectations from my supervisor and coworkers
8. I will demonstrate the skills I have shown in the interview and resume
9. I will organize my schedule and maintain good working habits
10. I will update my employment information across social media platforms