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056-096 Engine Speed Control

Engine Speed Control Over CAN for
This document provides information on configuring CAN enabled control modules from the DSE Genset range to
control engine speed. Settings required to ensure correct operation are detailed, along with brief descriptions of how
each setting affects speed control. All settings are configured using the DSE Configuration Suite PC software. It is
assumed that persons reading this document are familiar with the configuration of DSE modules, and where
applicable, Synchronising and Load Sharing operations.
The first steps in allowing DSE modules to control engine speed are Engine File selection and enabling of Enhanced
Select the correct Engine
File for the ECU (ECM) in
use. In this example the
Deutz EMR2 ECU (ECM)
file is in use. If the ECU
(ECM) fitted to your genset
is not listed, contact
[email protected]
Checking Alternative Engine
Speed instructs the ECU (ECM) to
run the engine at a pre-defined
alternative speed.
The Source Address value tells the ECU (ECM) how to find the DSE module on the CAN network. When a new
Engine File selected, this is set in accordance with the ECU (ECM). In normal circumstances this will not require
adjusting, however problems will arise if another device with the same Source Address is present on the CAN
network. It is therefore worth noting that the Source Address is changed before a new Engine File is loaded, the
Source Address change will be overwritten by the new Engine File. The CAN Source Address of the ECU (ECM) is
found by navigating to Configuration > Engine > ECU (ECM) Options.
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056-096 ISSUE: 1
The Disable ECM Speed Control check box must be un-ticked to enable DSE module’s to control engine speed via
CAN. This option is included for systems requiring engine speed to be controlled by an external source. This can be
found on the Configuration > Engine > Engine Options page.
NOTE: For further information on commissioning DSE Synchronising and Load Sharing modules,
including the setup of SW1 and SW2, refer to DSE Publication: 057-046 Guide to Load Synchronising and
Load Sharing Part 2.
The Governor SW1 and SW2 settings are used to control engine speed output when synchronising. Where engine
speed control over CAN is enabled, these should initially be set to 5.0 and 4.0 respectivly. The comissioning of
Synchronising and Load Sharing modules should then be performed as normal, with SW1 and SW2 adjustments
being made as required. The SCADA section of DSE Configuration Suite is used to adjust these settings, navigate to
DSE8xxx SCADA > Generator > Governor / AVR Interface. See image below for further details:
Governor SW1 set to 5.0
Governor SW2 set to 4.0
056-096 ISSUE: 1
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Author: J.Z.