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Lesson plan- Marifer Lopez Martinez

Lesson Plan
Lower Elementary (Pre-K 4)
Animals cards
Where do I live worksheet
Life Science
PK.4. Broad Concept: Children are familiar with living things (plants and animals) and what
they need to survive.
2. Observe, describe, compare, and categorize plants and animals. (Students might say,
“Birds can fly, but cats can’t.” They notice differences and say, “Some of our plants are tall, and some are
Big Ideas:
Animals share many characteristics
Animals are different in many ways
Animals can be classified in several ways like what they eat, where they live,
how they move, etc.
Goals/ Objective(s):
SWBAT observe, describe and compare different animals
What characteristics they share?
How they are different?
SWBAT categorize animals according to where they live
Students will categorize animals who live in the air
Students will categorize animals who live in the water
Students will categorize animals who live in land
SWABT complete the worksheet by drawing an animal that lives in each of the environments.
Guided Instruction/ Independent Practice:
Teacher will start the lesson by asking students about their favorite animals and will write
them down on the board.
Then the teacher will ask what makes the animals on the board similar, and what make them
Teacher will read the book “Where do animals live?” by Alejandro Algarra; then as a group
they will have a brief discussion about new information they got from the book.
Teacher will separate the students in small groups, and will provide each group a set of
animals’ cards for them to categorize in animals that live in water, land and air.
Teacher will walk around to assess the students, and to provide help if needed.
When groups are done, the teacher will pass the Where do I live worksheet for them to work
At the end, the teacher will collect the worksheets to evaluate students’ learning.
Students will come together to share their findings.
The teacher will ask students for examples of animals who live in water, land, and air to
complete the chart on the board.
Check for understanding - What makes animals similar?
- What makes them different?
- Where do animals can live?
- Give me an example of an animal that lives in water.