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Creative side:
In a grade ten’s winter vacation, I came to American Westwood High
School for exchanging program. We were all required to take a pottery
class no matter which classes we choose. The teacher taught us how to
make a clay bust. We had twenty students approximately. Nevertheless, I
had studied clay art years ago, so I could finish the teacher’s instruction
quicker than my peers. I took a small piece of clay while waiting for my
classmates. I made a character Red in the game Angry Birds. Then I made
the Blues. That was not easy but not took me a long time. When the next
step-making the shape obvious-finished, I decided to add some differences
to my artifact.
I decided to make a vacuum head, adding some gears and wires even
springs (all made from clay). I took up the needle like tool, pierced it
through my craft, cut and took away one fourths of the head. Then I peeled
the taken away part along the head curve, making it as thin as half
centimeter. When I made sure it can be a good lid, I began making inside
objects. I cut a piece of thin clay into a parallelogram shape so that it could
be filled in the void head. To made it more like circuit, I pierced some small
points using the needle-like tool and draw some thin lines. I made some
small sticks to represent wires. In order to looked real, I even made longer
and slimmer clay rod to twist around the bigger one. Unfortunately, when
I finished these, the lid bent a little. Inspired by our teacher’s method of
storing our crafts so that we can continue the work on the next day, I
splashed some water on the lid to make it moist again, then I slowly bent it
back to avoid breaking. I carefully closed the head lid, waited for the
showing day.
On the last day in the school, we all needed to give a presentation about
our craft. I watched my classmates’ beautiful external designs. When I
finished my introduction, I asked: “So… any questions?” Everyone was
silent, and that was in my control. “What’s wrong with the head?” I bent
down, shouted in a high pitch tone. Everyone was astonished. I took up the
lid, revealing the structure inside the head, ”Good question! Actually, these
are wires, and here is a circuit. I was just intended to make my work look
like the terminator.” Everyone laughed and applauded, and I was also