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World Geography Unit 1 Exam Review 2018 -19

World Geography Unit 1 Exam Review – 2018 / 2019
1. Understand the Earth/Sun relationship as it pertains to these seasons on
earth. This includes the tilt of the Earth’s axis and its revolution around the
2. Know the difference between erosion and weathering.
3. Understand the effect of plate tectonics on the surface of the earth.
4. Understand the difference between Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere
and Lithosphere.
5. Understand the impact on climate that latitude and ocean currents and
winds have.
6. Understand how the ocean impacts the climate of coastal regions.
7. Understand how Orographic precipitation works.
8. What happens to the area when a river flows (at its mouth) into an ocean?
9. Know what type of climate occurs in temperate grasslands (Midwest of
United States).
10.What ways do farmers protect their crops when they farm in an arid
climate zone?
11.Know the effects of El Nino and La Nina on the United States.
12.Understand how people modify the environment to protect themselves
from severe weather.
13.Know a way to modify the environment that produces both electricity and
assist crops.
14.Understand the concept of GIS.
15.Know the difference between GPS and GIS.
16.Understand the difference between lines of latitude and longitude.
17.Know the difference between Absolute and Relative location.
18.Know what the Ring of Fire is, where it is at and what it causes.
19.What is the difference between a Globe, a Map Projection and a
Topographical map?
20.What is the difference between the Biosphere and a Biome?
21.Know the difference between Weather and Climate.
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