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Orientation rida

Orientation: Being an important and most common type of training/induction, where employees better
get to know and understand the company‘s mission, vision and values. This also provides them with an
Overview of benefit plans, corporate culture and values.
Technical skills development training:
Technical skills include the know-how of doing things like data analysis, content writing, social media
management, coding, programming, etc. (understanding your role and job in the position assigned to
Technical skills training is program designed to understand the employees capabilities and
competencies based on their educational component because it’s the main way the employees will
know how to technically do their jobs right. For employees who already know how to do their jobs, we
guarantee they still have more to learn and grow with as education n learning is an ongoing process.
Regular learning also helps employees to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and changes.
On boarding training
Specific goals of departments are assigned and then linked to company’s main goal and pathway is
rolled out so employees can learn and understand and improvise along the way, as the tourism business
is all so ever changing and growing, with the help of new destinations and airfares coming along the
way, and people willing to explore and learn new languages
Products and soft skill training:
This one is an extensive understanding of our company’s ever evolving products ; Tourism, now as we
understand Tourism company isn’t only a product but also a service, hence customer service training,
soft skills training and Product training all go hand in hand , which means one cannot exist without the
other .
Online training: Programs:
These trainings can be done individually by employees on their desktops ; mandatory training every 6
months to be completed to ensure they are aware of HR and Business Development policies , such as :
gifts exchanging / levels of engagement with customers
This emphasizes that the moral and ethical values and standards of the business are always met with
and also helps employees report any fishy business being conducted; for example – gift exchanging
between employees and clients needs to be reported on this portal so the heads of departments can
look into it and approve/disapprove it based on their experience and understanding. This ensures safety
for both employees and clients.
Training and development one sessions: having a learning session with the their line managers or the
business development department head by booking an appointment after checking each other’s
calendar and finding an empty slot, helps build better understanding of what an employee can set his
future goals as, over all it also promotes healthy communication flow and healthy relation within all
departments of our business
T&D group sessions: Group learning sessions are easy to arrange and organize, by sending an invite on
outlook to the multiple departments. This helps analyze and understand the idea generation, feedback
and brain storm sessions of all employees from different back grounds to come together. Helps find out
issues and ideas to make our business better and also provides a refresher for company’s values. Also
promotes healthy overall employee relation within the entire company