Document 14330009

XCFC – Faculty Contract Process Changes
• Sections with multiple Department/Divisions will now be split by the
appropriate percentages and into the proper GL numbers
• The home address in included in the faculty contract extract, although
it doesn’t show on the contract or anywhere else until a decision is
made as to where and how. (Ex: maybe in an address view)
• There is the ability to preview a contract on the Datatel side and after
viewing it, deciding if you want to send it to Lotus Notes or not.
• We no longer use the primary position to determine the department
that the contract will be viewed under. It is now taken from the FCTY
screen. In addition, you can have multiple departments and the
contract will appear in both views. It’s still only one contract, just
viewable in more than one view. In addition, if you run XCFC by
department, it will pick up anybody that has that department in their
FCTY screen, whether it’s primary or not. (NOTE: You will need
to make sure all of your faculty have the correct departments in
the FCTY screen)