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Tick Project Motivation Final.. (1)

P.O BOX 464
20 May 2019
Dear Sir/Madam:
Subject: Motivation for Tick Survey Project in Kruger National Park
I am very grateful to be applying for an opportunity to be part of the Ticks Survey Project
I am a master’s student in BSc (Zoology), who is highly motivated, dedicated and hardworking. I
am very passionate about conserving and protecting our threatened biodiversity in the country.
To be part of this wonderful project will further enrich my knowledge and experience in biodiversity
loss or change. I have gained enormous experience when I was appointed as one of the National
Research Foundation Intern based in the University of Mpumalanga, where I gained a lot of
knowledge about wildlife diversity and conservation. Furthermore, I strongly believe that my
experience and knowledge which I accumulated as a researcher has equipped me with enormous
knowledge of how an ecosystem is closely interconnected and a minor change in any trophic level
be it the producers or consumers can affect the entire cycle, as organisms relies on each other
for survival. This is exactly why biodiversity of species should be conserved and maintained. This
knowledge I have managed to share it during my academic journey, when I was appointed as one
of the student assistances for first- and second-year biodiversity students (Zoology and Biology).
This makes it clear that I am one of the few students who are fully invested in their academic work
and invest enormous time to study even beyond curriculum.
Furthermore, I possess unique attributes which are compassionate, reliable, disciplined and
willing to learn as I groom myself academically. Finally, I would like to point out that I am
determined to make the most out of the Tick Survey Project 2019. I am confident that I will bring
a high level of energy and enthusiasm to exceed your expectations.
Once again, thanks for considering my application and I look forward to your positive feedback.
Yours Sincerely,
Mmako Tebatso Vinolia