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Cardiac Output

Cardiac Output
Number of times the heart beats in one minute:
Heart Rate (HR)
Amount of blood pump out by each ventricle in one minute. Varies with HR and SV:
Cardiac Output
Cardiac Output (CO) Formula:
CO = ​HR * SV
Stroke Volume Formula:
Amount of blood pumped by each ventricle with each heartbeat:
Stroke Volume
Amount of blood in each ventricle as the end of diastole (relaxation):
End Diastolic Volume (EDV)
Amount of blood remaining in each ventricle at the end of systole (contraction):
End Systolic Volume (ESV)
Division of autonomic nervous system that activates the body to cope with some
stressor (danger, excitement, etc.); the fight, fright and flight subdivisions; increases rate
and force of heartbeat:
Sympathetic Nervous System
Fight or Flight Increases __________, which Increases __________ by increasing
contractility, which INCREASES _____.
Heart Rate, Stroke Volume, CO
Division of autonomic nervous system that oversees digestion, elimination, and
glandular function; the resting and digesting subdivision; slows heartbeat.
Parasympathetic Nervous System
After crisis we see a decrease in __________, which reduces __________, which
Decreases ____.
Heart Rate, Stroke Volume, CO
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